SHAMI® Sales Points

We try to serve you and make our products available close to you, here are the sales point in Jordan, Syria and Iraq, and you can contact us if you are interested in selling SHAMI Products

GovernorateRegionAddressPhone Number
AmmanMarj alhamam Farooq Al Shalabi Power & Lighting Shops00962790808255
MadobaFiras alajlouni streetAlansaar Establishment00962795823554
JarashBab AmmanBab Amman - Opposite to Al-Hisba - Bab Amman Stores for Building Materials00962796304546
AlzarqaaPrince Shaker Streetthe intersection of Al-Saada Al-Sarraj Street for Lighting00962785905807
AmmanKhaldaUmalsımmaq Street - Near Rawan cake00962799810440
AmmanNazzal DistrictAl Amin and Hazza Shops00962780274732
AmmanAlbayaderRadi Annab Yasser Mall0096265814168
IrbidBarada signAbu Hatab for building materials0096278615713
JarashNational stadium areaAlkhiam for lighting shop00962795585797
JarashAlkettehAbove the municipality of Al-Ketteh - in front of Ayadena alsehheyeh Association - Al Aseel for Building Materials 00962779770379
AlmafraqKing Abdullah II StreetAl Baraka Electricity for Lighting00962777719699
AlzarqaaAlzarqaa aljadedeh 36 street - opposite to Safeway – Aljaras Sons Establishmern 00962795316613
AlzarqaaMasum neigborhoodAljaras shop00962785136933
GovernorateRegionAddressPhone Number
DamascusBaghdad StreetShami Shop00963114444345
DamascusAlzahera AlkadimeAljeser Stop Next to Hykal Pharmacy, Shami Shop00963118813334
Damascus SuburbDoumaAlquatli Street Next to Albugdadi Mosque, Shami Shop 00963958888925
Baghdad – Basrah – Dhi Qar – Karbala – Al-Najaf – Pirmam – Al Anbar – Wasit – Musay Idah – Babil – Al Diwaniyah – Diyala – Al Muthanna

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Erbil – Mosul – Kirkuk – Duhok – Sulaymaniyah

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We do not have official sales points in other countries, but you still can contact us, and we do our best to serve you, call or whatsapp 00962799810440 or fill the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.