Tija 711 Stand Water Dispenser, Top bottle installation. Equipped with an LG compressor contains Freon gas 134a environmentally friendly. Hot and cold water tanks are made of stainless steal (SUS304) healthy grade hot water faucet safety lock for children protection. 7 stages cold water control key.

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Tija 711
Model TigaSize
Power source220-240V / 50-60Hz
Cooling Wattage90±5% w
Heating Wattage430 ±5% w
Amiability to Control hot water degree35-90˚C
Cooling degree2-15 ˚C
Heating degree35-90˚C
Cold Water Capacity2.6 litre
Hot Water Capacity1.8 litre
Number of faucets2
Box weight and dimensions Set
Packing1 pc /box
Dimensions L x W x H38.5 x 33 x 102.5
Weight Kg23.6