• Hitam 609 Above-Table, Direct Hose installation.
  • Equipped with an LG compressor
  • contains Freon gas 134a environmentally friendly.
  • Hot and cold water tanks are made of stainless steal (SUS304) healthy grade
  • hot water faucet safety lock for children protection.
  • 7 stages cold water control key.
  • Tow color available Titanium, Black
Hitam 609
Model 501Size
Power source220 - 240V / 50-60Hz
Cooling Wattage90±5% W
Heating Wattage500±5% W
Cooling degree1-15°
Fredge Cooling degreeFrom -2° To 8°
Heating degree85°
Number of faucets2
Product Dimensions
Dimensions L x W x H37 x 30 x 50
Weight Kg13.2
Cold Water Capacity2.6 liter
Hot Water Capacity1.8 liter
Box weight and dimensions Set
Packing1 pc /box
Dimensions L x W x H33 × 42 × 56.5 cm
Weight Kg14.2